Job Interview Preparation Checklist…

Job Interview Preparation Checklist…

on Sep 28, 2022

Congratulations, you have landed an interview! There are several steps you can take before (and after) the interview. This will ensure that you make a fantastic impression on your potential employer. 


We all do it, don’t deny it. Take advantage of this useful skill instead of stalking your crush. Review the company you aspire to work for and consider the job description. Analyze what the company is seeking in a candidate and check if you are the right fit for the position.

2.Swipe Right to Match

Do you know why there is a bio on people’s Instagram or any social platform? You read it and it matches what you are looking for because it describes what they are also looking for. So, searching for a job is the same. Once you’ve recognized the qualifications for the position, consider  if they match yours. Review your examples before the interview so that you're prepared to share them during the interview. This preparation will help you score a second date (a job).

3.Practice DOES Make Perfect

Confidence is key while you are at an interview, and how do you gain confidence? Well, you practice... duh! Take the time to practice questions they might ask you during a job interview. This will give you a chance to answer to those questions in a more confident way. And it will also help calm your nerves because you won’t be scrambling for an answer while you are in the interrogation chair. 

Practice with a friend or family member ahead of time and it will be much easier when you're in a job interview!

4. They Will Judge You by Your Cover

First impressions will always speak volumes. Don’t waste time looking for an outfit until the last minute. Instead, plan what you will wear the night before the interview, and dress in accordance. It is also important to think about your makeup and accessories when dressing for an interview.

5. Essentials Only

It's important to know what to bring (and what not to bring) to a job interview. The essentials include a portfolio (with extra copies of your resume), references, a list of questions to ask, and something to write with. It's also important to know what not to bring, including your cellphone (or at least turn it off), coffee or gum, or something unrelated to the interview.

6. Be Nice

Proper interview etiquette is important. Remember to greet the receptionist, your interviewer, and everyone else you meet. During the interview, watch your body language; shake hands and make eye contact as you articulate your points. Pay attention, be attentive, and look interested. This is something you can work on in your practice interviews. The more positive an impression you make, the better you'll do during the job interview.


7. Organize and Thrive

It's important to know where you need to go for your job interview – ahead of time. That way, you'll avoid running late to the interview. Use Google Maps or another app to get directions if you're not sure where you are going. Program your GPS, if you have one, so you can find the best route to the company. Check on parking, if it's an issue. If you have the time, it's a good idea to do a practice run a day or two before the interview. That way, you'll be sure about where you are going and how long it will take to get there. Give yourself a few extra minutes and arrive a little early for the interview.

8. Shut Up, Listen, Ask

During a job interview, listening is as important as answering questions. If you're not paying attention, you're not going to be able to give a good response. It's important to listen to the interviewer. 

Pay attention, and take time, if you need it, to compose an appropriate answer. It's also important to discuss your qualifications in a way that will impress the interviewer. Towards the end of the interview, let the recruiter know that you believe the job is an excellent fit and that you are interested. 

You'll know if the interview went well if it runs longer than 30 minutes, you discuss salary, or you get an invitation for a second interview.

9. Be Grateful

Follow up a job interview with a thank you note reiterating your interest in the job. Consider this as a follow-up "sales" letter. Restate why you want the job, what your qualifications are, how you might make significant contributions, and so on.

With this Checklist, you are ready to come to an interview in Altia and apply for one of our many opportunities! 

Practice an interview with our recruiters and get the job you always wanted.


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