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These are the most frequently asked questions we get about how to use Altiajobs. If you still have questions, you can find us on Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin or WhatsApp.

Altia Jobs is Altia Smart City’s placement agency, we help you find the right fit for you! All you need to do is apply to one of our job positions and we’ll be contacting you to help you start your application process with one of our clients!

You can find a job by searching for a position directly into our search bar or by checking our most recent job openings!

Altia Jobs is completely free! You don’t have to pay us any fee in your search for a job.

You can get in contact with one of our recruiters by uploading your CV , sending us your info in our ‘‘Contact Us’’ tab and by also sending us a message through our social media!

Upload your CV by clicking on the ‘‘Upload my CV’’ button! You’ll be redirected to, where you can upload and replace your CV.

Once you submit your C.V, it will be sent to our recruiters so you can get contacted and begin the interview process!

By applying to one of the job positions on our website, you’re applying with one of our clients, however we’ll help you through every step of the way of your job application.


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