5 Simple ways to find the job of your life

5 Simple ways to find the job of your life

on Sep 27, 2022

Finding the right fit and a job you love is the goal of most career seekers. But most importantly, it should be the pursuit of each person's unique talents and skills! And we're here to help you get started:


Take your time to think and write down a list of friends and people you know that can help you find a job that suits your needs. Reach out to them and talk to them about the opportunities you’re looking for, together you can come up with ideas on where your dream job is waiting for you.

2.Prep yourself for your “right fit’’

Darling, your resumé is not a tattoo! So change it whenever you think it’s necessary to fit the qualities of the job that you want to apply for. Include all types of internships you have done, also start volunteering or taking different courses on your study area that will help you boost your skills a little bit more.

3.Love’s got Tinder, Job’s got LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the best option to create a professional online presence around recruiters, so sign up and make sure your profile is up to date when looking for a job. You can find lots of tutorials on Youtube on how to get more out of LinkedIn if you don’t know how to.

4. Beware of your social media.

Be careful with what you post on your personal social media accounts. At any point a recruiter can search your name on Google, find your Facebook account, or look you up on Instagram. We’ve all heard that one story about the girl that got fired for tweeting about her boss, so try to keep your posts clean and classy!


5.Expand your horizons

Expand your horizons and be open minded, the opportunities won´t always fit exactly with what you studied so, try to expand your knowledge to some related areas that you also may be interested in. Challenge yourself to try new things and learn from the experience!

Finding a job might be easier than finding the love of your life!  Remember to take your time while searching for the right fit, and don't lose your mind when you don't get hired at the first company you applied for. Remember the good old saying: Good things come to those who wait.

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